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Publicis London has brought together the UK’s best established and up-and-coming street artists to raise awareness of youth homelessness. The artists created murals across East London, each inspired by the real-life stories of young homeless people. Each artwork gives an insight into the factors that led up to a young homeless person’s current situation. Those young people’s stories can be heard and limited edition screen prints purchased from the campaign website streetstories.org.uk.

An interactive grid appears over each artwork, allowing users to click through to eBay to purchase any of the limited edition screen prints. eBay API integration ensures that the artworks that have been purchased are “cleaned” from the mural.

The site uses scroll-jacking and scaling to present each street scene as an immersive full-browser experience, regardless of resolution or browser size, while responsive techniques and touch detection provide a stacked experience optimised for mobile devices.

Creative by Steve and Jo; Design by Sparrow and Richie; Front-end development by Rich; eBay integration by Jerome; QA by Przemek; Project Management by Mike.


Street art by David Shillinglaw Sold artwork is "cleaned" from the wall Street Stories Wide Macbook Responsive behaviour on iPad Mini Stacked layout on iPhone 5 Street art by BEST | EVER
Screen print by BEST | EVER
Street art by Ben Slow
Screen print by Ben Slow
Street art by Josh Jeavons
Screen print by Josh Jeavons
Street art by Jim McElvaney
Screen print by Jim McElvaney
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