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IPA Beardy Planner Plan-O-Matic machine


Developed for the IPA, the plan-o-matic machine offers insights and tips to agency planners, showcasing the breadth of case studies available on the IPA Effectiveness Hub.

To create the plan-o-matic, we imported an original Zoltar fortune telling machine (as featured in the 1988 Tom Hanks movie “Big“). Zoltar was given a make-over to become the Beardy Planner; The coin-slot and starting mechanism were replaced with a QR code, node.js mobile website, Arduino Yun micro-controller and servo motor; Zoltar’s audio messages were overridden with the Beardy Planner’s custom messages and lastly, the fortune card dispenser was replaced with a virtual card-dispenser in the mobile site, allowing planners to click through to the effectiveness hub for more information.

Follow Beardy Planner and see planner reactions on Twitter, or read the IPA announcement.

Zoltar customisation and Arduino programming by Jerome. Mobile site development by Nuala and design by Paul.


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