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Drugstore London responsive website on hi-res retina Macbook


The Publicis Drugstore is an innovation workspace that bridges the gulf between big brands and tech start-ups. Housed within The Trampery’s Old Street HQ, The Drugstore helps early-stage companies and established players forge collaborations that bring radical innovations to market. Our job was to build a website (in a week) to showcase the Drugstore’s products and initiatives, range of events, media coverage, social feeds and more.

On the front-end, the site has a horizontal scrolling mechanism built on iScroll and customised to add support for mouse-wheel/trackpad, swipe, click-to-drag and key-press (with snap-to-grid). Content stacks for mobile screens and reduces to a single row for smaller desktops and landscape tablets. Article pages, like this one, use dynamically sized CSS Regions (with help from CSS Regions polyfill) to flow content around the article hero image, regardless of viewport height.

On the back-end, routing is handled by Silex, while Guzzle is used for authenticating with Instagram and Twitter to import photos, tweets and mentions.

Front-end by Rich, back-end by Yohan and QA by Przemek.


Drugstore London site on iPad Mini Drugstore London stacked view on iPhone 5S Article page in tall browser window with content wrapping around hero image Article page in smaller browser window with content wrapping around hero image
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