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This design refresh was implemented as a WordPress theme to leverage the legacy content from the existing Publicis WordPress site. While the new site has a completely changed look and feel, a number of additional features were added to optimise user experience, page load times and the content management processes.

Uploaded images are automatically cropped and resized into the image sizes supported by the design layouts, as well as their 2X high pixel density equivalents. As well as minimising effort for the content managers, this ensures that layouts can never be broken by content managers uploading incorrect image sizes.

We developed a custom WP plugin to ensure uploaded images and videos are automatically transferred to Rackspace Cloud Files buckets to reduce load on the server and provide faster page load times by delivering all media over the Akamai CDN. WP Super Cache caches all dynamically generated content to further speed up load times and reduce server load.

Images animate into position as the user scrolls down grid pages like Work and People. Bespoke loading algorithms ensure that all images that will fit within the viewport are loaded in advance to ensure animations will be smooth, while media “below the fold” is loaded after the page renders to minimise perceived loading time for the end user.

Swipe gesture support for the homepage is provided by Hammer.JS. Headlines are automatically sized to fit within their containers using FitText.

Front-end build and all custom JS by Rich; WP configuration and custom plugin development by Yohan; QA by Przemek.


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